Chris Hardy Goes to Milan

Designer Chris Hardy is going to Milan to Ventura Lambrate. Cafe Culture are sponsoring Chris to exhibit some of his beautiful furniture. Chris Hardy P/L will be taking this

Emerging Designer award Photo: Miguel Gallagher

opportunity to launch his Pleat Stool, Paper light and Triple Stool internationally in Milan.

Chris is a proud Australian designer and promoter of Australian design and manufacture. Chris’ process led design leads to innovation that enables more efficient processes to help keep manufacture local.

Anyway, here is the video that we put together for Milan which was shot on a couple of Nikons and a gopro that shows the products and some of his design processes:


We will have some more videos featuring Chris and other Australian Designers soon.

Chris Hardy Milan Film from Miguel Gallagher on Vimeo.


Read more about Chris Hardy at:


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My new ‘Easy Shooting Table’ from Hypop

Last week I ordered an Easy Shooting Table from Hypop. And I can certainly tell you that the first thing they got right was the name. It was SO easy, with a capital SO. The hardest part of the assembly was cutting the cardboard box open and removing the packaging.

I literally had it assembled and in place in a matter of minutes…about 2. You unfold it, stand it up, bend the Perspex into the holders and you’re done. As far as the results go, check them out for yourselves. Just remember that I also spent about as much time lighting as I did putting the table together, none.

Considering the lighting wasn’t particularly complicated or great, a key, a backlight lighting the table and a little fill from below  partially through the table. The light came through the table nice and softly and  the products came up really well. If you are doing product photography you can’t really go wrong with this one.

I give it two thumbs up because I only have two thumbs.


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They made me a Hypop Ambassador!

Some of you may have noticed that I was recently named a Hypop Photographic Ambassador. What does this mean you ask? Why has it taken me so long to do this post you ask? Well it means that I will be trying out some products from their extensive range of photography and video products and that I am very busy trying out new stuff out. I already use and am extremely happy with some of their products. I keep one of their 5 in 1 reflectors in my car at all times and some of their continuous softbox lights are always set up in my studio.

The 5 in 1 reflector I keep in my car

I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to try out new products for them. Although I must stress that I am not getting paid for my opinions. I do get discounts, but I do actually buy the products that I review. I do it because I get to try out new products that I am interested in using myself. If this ever changes I will let you all know.
If any of you see anything on their site that you would like to know about send me an email and I will see if I can do a review for you. No guarantees though.
Anyway check out their website it has some great photographic products at great prices which they ship really quickly:

I am going to start with a mini tip/review:

Here is a little product that I think every photographer and cinematographer should have and that is a multi-card reader. Some people use their cameras as card readers which I really think is a mistake. Sure, lot’s of cameras do a good job at it but they make pretty expensive card readers if you ask me. Just a theory of mine, but I do think that if the camera is on and reading data it must have an impact, however small, on the life of your camera and batteries.

An all in one card reader
An all in one card reader.

The good news is that you can buy one from Hypop for $11 and at that price you can do it just for peace of mind.

When I was writing this tip, I decided that at that price I should buy a spare and to my absolute delight it arrived in a metal tin. I don’t know how they do it for $11, amazing! I am such a sucker for nice packaging.

I got a ‘Hypop Easy Shooting Table’ a couple of days ago as well. I’ll post about that soon too, I promise.

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My Scarlet shot on my D800

I wanted to try out a style of studio shots on my D800 and thought that it was a perfect opportunity to show off my new Scarlet, which has only taken 6 months too do. So I took it out the back and did a few shots to share. To be fair on myself, I did also want to wait until I had a few cool extras like the Rode NTG3 mic and a Zeiss 50mm 1.4 lens on it.

It came with a canon lens mount and I don’t actually own any canon lenses. Luckily many of my clients have Canon glass and for the others I managed to get a canon-nikon adaptor which was less than ideal but that got me through until the nikon mount got released. Now I am regularly putting the camera on the bench to change mounts according to jobs. That would have scared the poop out of me in the past.

Anyway, I hope you like the video as much as I enjoyed making it.



My New Scarlet shot on my Nikon D800 from Miguel Gallagher on Vimeo.

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Happy New Year!

Well 2013 is well upon us and 2012 has left the building. I am hoping that it will be a very exciting year filled with films, photos, documentaries and even a web series or two. At the top of my 2013 awesome sauce list is shooting a feature film as Cinematographer with my Scarlet (and they’re paying me). I am so busting to tell you more but that will have to wait. Really looking forward to seeing some finished products that are in post-production at the moment and the first instalment of Whoopa Chow (mega web series shot on two Reds: because one Red is never enough).

Of course a post about the new year would not be complete without a mention of new year’s resolutions, so:

- Try and be a better dad and husband
- Post more often with relevant and interesting videos and photos
- Produce quality documentaries and films

Because I am sure you are wanting to know why this year is actually going to be so exciting (as if shooting a funded and distributed feature is not enough) I will give you a bit more detail:

- I will be shooting another feature film with lots of blood and guts and laughs and blood and can’t give away too much and some blood, stay tuned.
- I will be working closely with the very exciting industrial designer Chris Hardy on a documentary about his work and Australian design as well as producing some short process videos.
- I will be shooting a 23 minute period piece over Easter called ‘The White Feather’ Set at the beginning of World War I
- Whoopa Chow will be friggin’ amazing…all the detail I can give you at the moment and all the detail you need for now
- I will be finishing documentaries on palliative care, the cost of living in Australia and the Sandakan death marches
- Knock off a couple more subjects from my master’s degree…which should almost get me there
- And if all of that isn’t enough and I have any time left over I will also make a web series on food and coffee. Mainly because I love eat food and drink coffee. And because we all know that everyone needs good food and excellent coffee.

Oh yeah and I would like to win some awards….that would be quite neat.

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Theatre Of The Dead Trailer

A little update from ‘Theatre of the Dead’ the feature film that I was Cinematographer on in January. I will be posting some film footage and production stills once I get the go ahead from the producers.

In the meantime here is the 1st trailer from the film:

And this is largely ungraded. It’s going to be pretty good I think.

I will go into a bit more detail about the shoot, it’s hectic schedule, dealing with a very small budget and the way I lit it as soon as the post production is finished. I can say that we borrowed a lot of lights and gear and bought some really good value for money Softboxes from Hypop Photography (Thanks Hypop).

More soon, but first I do need to post a couple of links to the television commercials (tvcs) that I shot on my D800 last week but that can wait until tomorrow.

Talk soon.


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Dead Exchange

I have recently been asked to be Cinematographer on another feature film ‘Dead Exchange’. Yes it’s another zombie film. Yes it’s set in Canberra and yes i suspect I will be wiping blood off the lenses again. I am sooo excited about this one, it’s going to be hilarious. And gory. And bloody. And bloody funny. And very Aussie. And you get the picture that I am just a bit excited about it!

You should definitely check out our facebook page!

This is one of the publicity posters that we have so far:

Dead Exchange.

This is film is gonna be a bloody rippa!!

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Behind the scenes on the set of Whoopa-Chow!

Here is a quick little video from behind the scenes of Whoopa-Chow, a tv and web series I shot with Daniel Sanguineti, Chris Wiseman and Michael Watson starring Andy Minh Trieu and Sophie Luck, who are awesome. I think we are making some special here!


BTS 3 vimeo from Daniel Sanguineti on Vimeo.

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Stock footage – Is it worthwhile?


I am just going to write about stock footage. I have been putting up some clips onto a stock footage website and not getting any great results. Maybe my clips aren’t any good or maybe I am shooting the wrong product.

So I did a bit of homework. It seems that it could be those reasons but it appears more likely that the main reason is people aren’t seeing the clips.

I have been told that regular contributions are beneficial = fail

That a large variety of clips is good = fail

That a large number of clips is good = fail

And finally it seems there is another key requirement, patience = EPIC FAIL

I have just uploaded some more clips in an attempt to decrease my fails somewhat.

Here is an early morning timelapse clip of rowers at sunrise:

I like it but would love to get some feedback.

Anyway the jury is still out on this subject. I am just going to have to wait and see if anything improves and what caused the improvement. I will keep you posted.




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The RED Z820 by HP and Promax

Well, I have so many things to talk about but first I want to share a link to an awesome looking editing pc. I am not a computer person so I am not going to go into too much detail about specs and perfomance but if you want a high end, liquid cooled machine then this could be the one for you.

Red, HP and Promax have joined forces and built the RED Z820 workstation complete with 16 liquid cooled CPU cores, built in REDMAG 1.8″ ssd reader and RED ROCKET hardware acceleration.

Promax say that ‘With effectively 16 separate CPU’s in the system and each CPU handling two tasks at the same time, the Z820 RED Edition can effectively work on 32 tasks simultaneously. When working in RED workflows this additional processing power is critical.’

Check it out:

It sounds like a fantastic machine if you have a RED camera but what if you don’t? I am sure this little machine will handle any editing task you could possibly throw at it. Only question is price. I am guessing 10 to 12k which puts it a little out of my price range I am afraid.


Miguel Gallagher

photography cinematography video production

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