So Recalcitrant Again!

I could say that this time I have a reason for being so slack..I had to travel to South America for a family emergency I managed to fit in plenty of juicy delicious steaks, a stack of timelapses and a Polo Championship Final with some of the best players in the world, but I didn’t manage to get any more blog entries done.

Then I shot a feature film called Me My Mates vs The Zombie Apocolypse starring Alex Williamson, Greg Fleet and Jim Jeffries. All of whom made this film hilarious…check out the link and facebook page. 


Not that you can see any of them in this picture but you defintely can on the website and the facebook page.

The real reason is that with everything going on I took a bit of a break from the blog which in hindsight seems a bit silly.

Anyway in the very near future I hope to tell you a bit about my experience playing LTR Lightroom and Panolapse. I am also about to order a Triggertrap mobile kit so I can play around with some extra control in my time lapses.

I also plan to do an update of the whole stock footage and making money with video online thing. Not that I am making money online but it does seem to be improving.

Stay tuned!


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Test timelapse

I did a little test timelapse the other day in Sydney while I was at an ACS function and I did a series of timelapses with the D800 and the D700, some raw compiles, some direct timelapses compiled in camera at 1920. Here is a test from one of the D800 timelapses shot in raw and edited in Lightroom then Premiere.

Harbour test 720 from Miguel Gallagher on Vimeo.

For the final version it will be 1920×1080 and properly blended.

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You know, those little symbols on tabs on your browser…

What is that icon you find on tabs on the internet? You know, those little symbols on tabs on your browser. Not being a technical IT person, I actually found it hard to find the name. Maybe I was asking all the wrong people or maybe the people I was asking just didn’t care about having little icons on their webpages. I even asked google, but apparently I didn’t ask nicely enough. Eventually after many attempts I re-phrased my question and google obliged by telling me that it is called a favicon. So the icons on the tabs in a web browser are called favicons. I am also sure lots of people are going to tell me that, but it’s a bit late now isn’t it?

Now that that is sorted, how do you make one? Well it seems there are many ways but I went into photoshop, created a 32×32 pixel canvas, put the image on it. Remember that you only have 32 pixels each way, so keep it simple. The first one I tried was a little too complicated and too rectangular in design, so I went back to my initials and a nice font which seemed to work okay.

Luckily because my site is a wordpress site it was easy to find a favicon plugin, install it and have it up in no time.

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Creative Profiling

It’s new post time and I am just a little bit excited about this one! This is the first in my series of mini docs. The first one looks at contemporary fine art photographer Sean Davey. It took a little longer than expected but here it is.

i hope to interview all types of creative people and find out what inspires them and look at the processes they use to create their work:

Creative Profile Sean Davey from Miguel Gallagher on Vimeo.

I hope you all like it!

P.S I switched the video to vimeo. I think it fits better there and youtube had it ‘under review’ for some reason even though I have a license for the music I used.

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Silly Sunday for a Monday Post


Happy Father's day! photo Miguel Gallagher

As you know, Sunday’s Silly posts are really about

anything I feel like talking about and today is father’s day here in Australia (my dad, in

An excellent coffee photo by Miguel Gallagher

Argentina, has to wait until the 3rd Sunday in June), so I am going to tell you about Red Brick Espresso. If you are wondering why I am talking about my local café and creative juice rejuvenation place. The reason is simple, they decided to run a father’s day ‘Brick Burgers’ special consisting of Beef Brisket or Philly Steak burgers.

But that is not the only reason, it’s also because it’s somewhere I like to relax with my family and recharge the batteries. It’s because I noticed that every time I am there I feel particularly creative and ideas just seem to come at me. There is something inspiring about the casualness of the place, milk crates and cardboard signs mean that all pretences must be left at the door.

Anyway, when it comes to this brisket burger, the problem with writing a blog is that sometimes you are expected to put into words something that is too good to describe.  I’ll simply say it was fantastic and it melted in my mouth. If you are going to be fortunate

Red Brick's 'Brick Burger'
Red Brick's 'Brick Burger' photo Miguel Gallagher

enough to eat this meal in the future I recommend bringing a beach towel. The herb mayo and homemade BBQ sauce is pretty messy but you wouldn’t have it any other way. And definitely do not consider this a meal for a date. The amount of homemade bbq sauce and herb sour cream dripping everywhere would be enough to scare anyone away. This, of course, may just be my lack of grace in wanting to eat the whole thing in 12 seconds.

On the soft to sharp scale, I rate this the sharpest.

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Some old video files I found

I was going through some old hard drives and I came across all sorts of video files. The first clip from the drive is an animation I did for uni a while ago. It turns out that when I thought I doing some great stuff, I was, in fact, just doing stuff. It’s not that bad but it’s not HD material and that was reflected in the grade I got, a credit. Maybe it should have been an A for effort, based on the amount of hours I put in to drawing the each frame. My timeline was built in flash, all the individual frames were hand drawn or painted then scanned into photoshop to be cut out and put onto individual layers. It really was very time consuming. 

If you are wondering about the awesome music it’s by Dean Lowe.

While I was there I also came across an old showreel I had from Parliament house. I believe all the shots are from Parliament or the show “About The House” which is where the interviews are from. It is certainly showing it’s age with Howard as PM and Rudd in Opposition. I thought I would share anyway.

Old showreel from Miguel Gallagher on Vimeo.

If you are wondering why I am sharing these videos that are of a different era. There are a few reasons: first answer is that it’s all part of the journey and where we come from. And the other main reason is to show the difference a few years can make to a person’s style, camera choices and options and finally even what I might choose to include in my showreel now.

Miguel Gallagher

Canberra Photographer and Cinematographer

Canberra film and video production


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Here is my latest Silly Sunday post on Monday

So yesterday I decided to do another Silly Sunday post but it took me a while to put it together. So long in fact that it became Monday.

I had a bit of work to do so I made a coffee to procrastinate. Then I made an artform out of my coffee procrastination. Here is the result:

I hope you enjoy it!

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The Sunny 16 Rule

One of the best rules I ever learnt was the Sunny 16 rule and I thought I would share. I was out shooting with a friend in Long Island City, New York and I forgot to bring my light meter. I was shooting on a Norita 6×6 without an inbuilt light meter on slide film, so no need to tell you how important the exposure accuracy was. My friend Dan just said use the Sunny 16 rule, you’ll be right. Yes, you would be correct to assume he is another Australian working in New York.

What is this magic rule that magically gives me correct exposure by eye? Well it turns out that if you look at the sky and can see if it is overcast or sunny you can figure out which exposure to use fairly accurately.

This is how it works:

Look at your film stock, this is also your shutter speed.

Then look at the sky and if it is:

Bright and hazy with visible shadows you set your aperture to F11

Overcast with slight shadows you set your aperture to F8

Completely overcast with no shadows, you set your aperture to F5.6

Got it? Sounds confusing? Well here is an example:

It’s sunny and my film stock is 100 then according to this chart I need to shoot at 1/100th of a sec at f16. Of course you can change things as long as you stick to the basics. Because I am going to shoot some friends playing footy I am going to make my shutter speed 1/200th instead of 1/100thto freeze the action a bit more. This means that I am going to lose 1 stop of light so I need to change my f stop from F16 to F11 to compensate for that. Anyway I made a little chart to help explain it further.

I also got these nice weather jpegs from MelsBrushes at to help illustrate my chart.

Thanks Dan for saving my Bacon that day. You can see my very talented friend’s work here:

If you still want to be totally accurate, then check out this link and get yourself a light meter: These guys seem to have really good prices on the Sekonic range which are the ones I highly recommend.

I hope this was helpful.



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Mags with great photography

As I didn't have a photo from a magazine handy, I thought I would share a photo of mine.

I was at my local shops and I realised that I was looking for a mag that had great photography as opposed to a great photography mag like Capture for example. I was wondering which magazines that weren’t specifically photography related did other photographers like.

One that comes to mind immediately is Frankie (which I bought while I was there) and there is another which is a skate/mens/photo mag which I don’t remember the name of right now but when I do I will add it. Anyway both of these seem to have excellent contemporary photography and I think they should be rewarded by photographers as well as their skatey/guy/girl/hipster demographics.

I would love to hear you opinions and recommendations as well, so please let me know what you think.



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