You know, those little symbols on tabs on your browser…

What is that icon you find on tabs on the internet? You know, those little symbols on tabs on your browser. Not being a technical IT person, I actually found it hard to find the name. Maybe I was asking all the wrong people or maybe the people I was asking just didn’t care about having little icons on their webpages. I even asked google, but apparently I didn’t ask nicely enough. Eventually after many attempts I re-phrased my question and google obliged by telling me that it is called a favicon. So the icons on the tabs in a web browser are called favicons. I am also sure lots of people are going to tell me that, but it’s a bit late now isn’t it?

Now that that is sorted, how do you make one? Well it seems there are many ways but I went into photoshop, created a 32×32 pixel canvas, put the image on it. Remember that you only have 32 pixels each way, so keep it simple. The first one I tried was a little too complicated and too rectangular in design, so I went back to my initials and a nice font which seemed to work okay.

Luckily because my site is a wordpress site it was easy to find a favicon plugin, install it and have it up in no time.

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